Who wants to buy a home?

Is it time to consider buying your first home? Don't know where to start? You've come to the right place! Here's a quick list of what to do to be successful in purchasing your perfect home in 2024.

  • If you aren't paying cash, get prequalified.
    Not only will you know what to expect for your budget, but sellers will take you seriously. Noone will consider an offer contingent on financing without the preapproval in place.
  • Hire a buyers' agent.
    This person will be completely in your corner, fixing and avoiding problems you don't even know came up, and helping you get to the closing table smoothly.
  • Communicate regularly with your agent.
    Let your agent know how you like to communicate, and respond quickly when they reach out. They will be on the lookout for the newest listings that meet your criteria. Be ready to see a house as soon as it goes on the market — if it’s a great home, it will go fast. If your criteria change, let them know immediately.
  • Search for new listings yourself.
    Browse sources such as realtor.com and local real estate listing sites, like ourfathershouses.com. Set up alerts for the neighborhoods and characteristics you’re looking for. Drive through your target neighborhoods, and if you see a home you like for sale, send the address and listing agent’s name to your agent, who can schedule a showing for you.
  • Be ready to act.
    Spend plenty of time in advance deciding what you can afford and must have in a home so you won’t hesitate when you have the chance to make an offer on the right one.
  • Bid competitively.
    Your first inclination may be to start out offering something less than the absolute highest price you can afford, but if you go too low in a tight market, you will likely lose out. As of today, you can expect some negotiation room. With spring approaching, things will likely change quickly.
  • Keep contingencies to a minimum.
    Restrictions such as needing to sell your home before you move can make your offer unappealing. Remember that, if the market is tight, you’ll probably be able to sell your house rapidly. You can also talk to your lender about getting a bridge loan to cover both mortgages for a short period.
  • But don’t get caught in a buying frenzy.
    Just because there’s competition for a home doesn’t mean you should buy it. And even though you want to make your offer attractive, don’t neglect inspections that help ensure the house is a sound investment.

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